Featured Listing Reseller Program

Reseller Program Overview

ExactSeek's Featured Listing Reseller Program is a great way to earn additional revenue for your business and provide a quality service to your customers. Resellers receive a recurring commission of 50% on all sales for the life of the customer. Offer your clients a hassle-free, SEO-free, PPC-free way to buy targeted.traffic

Featured Listings are displayed on 85 Search Engines & Web Directories and purchased keyword terms are incorporated into 3 major PPC networks. Featured Listings are affordable and can be sold as a stand alone product or combined with other SEO products and services.

90+ Websistes

How It Works

To get started, please fill out the form below and we will provide you with a branded sales page and store.

Sales through your branded store will receive a 50% commission on a recurring 3 month or 1 year term based on our rates shown here.

Large resellers can contact us for additional sales and customization options.

The Featured Listing program has provided exceptional value for our clients and a steady income for our business.

— Neill Strocen, President
GreenWave Online Inc.