Rapid Inclusion Help and Guidelines

Rapid Inclusion Help and Guidelines

If you have questions regarding your Rapid Paid Inclusion Listings, please consult the FAQ's below. If they do not answer your question please contact store@exactseek.com with your problem. To ensure a quick response, please use a relevant subject line and include the email address you used to submit your URL, any error messages you may have seen and a clear explanation of your problem.

Rapid Paid Inclusion FAQ

Q. What is Rapid Paid Inclusion?
A. Rapid Paid Inclusion is a program we offer that adds your URL (site or webpage) into the organic or natural search results of a growing number of search engines and websites for a period of 6 months. Our network of search engines does not include Bing, Google or Yahoo!

Q. How many URL(s) can I purchase?
A. You can purchase and add any number of URLs to our search network. Contact store@exactseek.com for information regarding volume discounts.

Q. Exactly how do I add a URL to your network?
A. Once you have made your payment through Paypal, you will be re-directed back to a page where you can immediately add your URL(s) to our search network. You will also receive an email message from "support@exactseek.com" with your member account information. You can use the login details provided to access your member account at anytime.

Q. How long will it take for my URL(s) to be indexed?
A. Your URL(s) will be added to our search network in roughly 48 hours from the time that you purchased it.

Q. What can I do from my Member Account?
A. You can take any of the actions noted below:

Q. How can I check to see if my URL(s) have been added?
A. Your URL(s) will be added in roughly 48 hours from the time of purchase. You can login to your member account to check the status of your URL. If the word "Active" appears to the left of your URL, then it has been submitted to our search network for crawling and indexing.

Q. How does Rapid Paid Inclusion increase the number of backlinks to my URL?
A. Major search engines like Bing, Google and Yahoo! frequently crawl the search results of other search engines such as those in our network. The sites in our network will be considered backlinks to your submitted URL once their indices have been spidered.

Q. Are their any submission guidelines for the Rapid Paid Inclusion Program?
A. Yes. They are provided below as well as in our Terms & Conditions.

Rapid Paid Inclusion Submission Guidelines

ExactSeek will reject any submission for any URL (site or webpage) that is determined by ExactSeek to include content, services or products that are:

The URL itself must not be more than 255 characters long.
The URL should not use frames to display the text.
The URL should not use Javascript, Meta refresh or other scripts to load a substitute URL.
The URL should not redirect to a resource not residing on the same server, domain or subdomain. This is not allowed for Rapid Paid Inclusion pages.

Once a URL is ordered, subsequent changes that do not meet the following terms may require you to purchase additional URLs:

ExactSeek will reject any submission for any website whose URL, as submitted, is unreachable.

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